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Welcome to Yoga Bikram Paris

Welcome to Yoga Bikram Paris !

We hope that you enjoyed your first Bikram class, it’s the one that you’ll never forget! Maybe you found it to be mentally or physically challenging, especially as the heat can create an environment that is difficult to take. However, the good news is that our bodies get used to it very quickly and we even learn to appreciate it. The heat allows your body to work with flexibility and to go deeply into the postures without risk of injury.

Tips to follow after your first class:

jus-de-fruit-bio-zBO93– Drink a lot of water after the class and throughout the day. On average we drink about 1 to 1.5 litres of water a day, so you need to drink a lot more than that to make up for what you have lost. Try drinking mineral water, or fruit-flavoured water (avoiding pure water as it doesn’t contain minerals) in large quantities, and try to replenish with more water than you have sweated out.
– Eat healthily and rest. The following day you will most probably feel sore, especially if you haven’t done any sport recently. The best way to reduce the soreness is to come back as soon as possible, ideally the next day.

>> More detailed advice for older students, for those you don’t exercise regularly, and for the overweight.

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For your next class:

– Drink a lot of water right up until class starts so that your body is well-hydrated. If you do this, you’ll have less need to drink in class.

– Avoid eating a lot just before class. It is better to leave 2 hours between your last meal and the yoga class, however, you can snack on food that is easy to digest (fruits, grains, dried fruit etc..). We recommend that you don’t practice with a full stomach, but not completely empty either!

– The most important thing is to keep smiling and enjoy yourself during your yoga class!



Beginner’s Offer !

1buw1jkYoga Bikram Paris is offering you a 20% discount on the first package(class card or unlimited membership)  you buy within 8 days of the last day of your Discovery Offer ( the 20% discount is not applicable on the Special Offers and Privilege Packages).

The benefits of this practice will become apparent very quickly if you practice regularly. You will soon notice that your stress-levels will go down in everyday life. We encourage you to comeback as soon as possible to make the most of your Discovery Offer. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us, and look at our site or Facebook page.

Congratulations on your first Bikram yoga class, you have already done the most difficult part!

See you very soon,

The YBP Team.

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